VIDEO: Multiple Sclerosis and MRI: T1 Black Holes & Brain Atrophy

February 24, 2018 (YouTube)

Aaron Boster MD from OhioHealth discusses MRI markers that teach about correlates to progression of MS including T1 hypointensities or T1 Black holes and accelerated rates of brain atrophy.

Black holes are areas of the brain where the inflammation is so intense that it eats away at the brain tissue causing brain damage.

This video shows real MRI images of T1 black holes and discusses their significance. It also has MRI images of accelerated brain shrinkage and discusses their significance in MS.

Also discussed is the use of emerging technologies to be able to start to measure and track rates of brain atrophy in clinic. At this center, they use a software package that processes a volume analysis of the brain (and it’s parts) and compares them to age/gender matches controls. It allows them to compare MRI’s to average people of that age and gender in order to track brain atrophy over time.